Celebrating a BBBS Match




Big Cassie Whittemore and Little Alexandria Hassek recently celebrated their three year match anniversary. Some of their favorite activities include going to Rock City Park, swimming, ice skating, and volunteering at the McKean County SPCA. Alexandria’s mother, Susan Hassek says she’s noticed many positive changes with her daugther since the beginning of the match, noting in particular that her daughter is ‘a lot more mature’. Since forming her bond with Cassie, Alexandria has also excelled in school by frequently earning perfect attendance. She recently joined the ‘Go Green’ club, a school sponsored club focuses on raising awareness about protecting the environment.

****Picture is of Cassie and Alexandria walking a shelter dog at the SPCA.

BBBS MC Hassek-Whittemore 3yr-cropped



On December 12, 2016, Big Sister Kim Groll and Little Sister Josephine "Josie' Johnson celebrated two years of being matched.  The pair enjoys going to the Ridgway YMCA, amusement parks, dinner and great conversations, geo-caching, and the beach.

BBBS EC Groll-Johnson 2YR1


Jefferson County Little Brother River and Big Couple Mikel and Andie
recently celebrated their one year match anniversary! Over the last year River,
Mikel, and Andie have enjoyed activities such as fishing, bowling, swimming,
playing racquetball, and carving pumpkins together. Big thanks to Mikel and
Andie for their commitment as volunteer Bigs, we wish you continued friendship
and fun through your match relationship with River!

BBBS JC Pisarchick-Ross 1YR Match

If you would like more information about volunteering to be a Big Brother or Big Sister, please contact our office at 814-371-0613, toll free at 1-877-776-1636, or contact us online.