Little Profiles

Jefferson County Little Profiles

  • 10 year old female
  • Described as outgoing, friendly, and not afraid to make friends with people. She is not involved in any type of organized activities or clubs and likes a combo of indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Currently enjoys: bowling, fishing, biking, roller-skating, mini golf, card games, video games, crafts, painting, shopping, camping, picnics, movies, zoos/museums, concerts, parks, woodworking, watching TV, cooking, reading, music, Legos, scrapbooking, and riding horses.
  • And would like to try softball, basketball, football, soccer, boating, gymnastics, volleyball, sewing, science experiments, skiing, sled riding, ice skating, hiking, archery, and dancing.
  • Could use a Big Sister to help her get out with someone and share one on one time, someone to let her know that she is important and help improve her self-esteem


  • 13 year old male
  • Favorite subjects are science and gym, gets good grades and has had pretty good attendance.
  • He is super sweet, always happy, personable, and is willing to be friends with anyone.
  • Favorite activities include movies, bowling, biking, video games, roller skating/blading, and playing with his slingshot. He is so easy to please and really likes all activities, especially if he’s getting to spend extra time with someone.
  • Goals for a match could include introducing him to positive activities and hobbies within the community


Elk County Little Profiles

  • 9 year old male
  • Described as super smart, into computers and likes to swim. Could use some help getting him into more physical activities such as riding a bike.
  • He paints a lot, likes taking photos, picnics, 4-wheelers, sled riding, Legos, science experiments and does not like board games.
  • He is open to trying fishing, camping, ice skating plays and concerts and all activities having to do with the internet, video or computer games and listening to music.
  • Mentoring goals would be to help him in making friends, getting him to try physical activities and having a positive male role model to provide more opportunities for indoor and outdoor activities.


  • 16 year old female
  • Described as easy to get along with and a “go with the flow” type of girl, is really good at relating to people but not very good at starting the conversation, although once someone starts talking to her, though, she doesn’t stop talking after that.
  • Some of her favorite free time activities are watching TV, videogames, boating, riding their side-by-side, cooking, baking, fishing and hunting.
  • Mentoring goals would include getting out of the house and enjoying some time with her own friend, someone for her to talk to and relate to.


Mckean County Little Profiles

  • 14 year old female
  • “In My Own Words” she stated she is proud she is ‘still passing Algebra’ and her favorite subjects are science and art.
  • She joined track and field this year and participated in the long jump, shot put, javelin, and 100 meter dash.
  • She would like a Big Sister stating that she really just wants to go see new places, and get out into the community with someone.
  • Goals would be to help connect her to clubs and organizations in the community, build a positive peer group, improve opportunities for socialization, and develop more resistance skills regarding peer pressure.


  • 11 year old male
  • He notes that he is an honor student and loves music class where he has learned to play the saxophone. is involved in the elementary school’s jazz band and states that this is ‘so fun’.
  • He would like a mentor who is fun, and likes to go to the park.
  • Would benefit from a mentor who could help engage him activities that connect him to his community as well as help him develop a larger, positive peer group.